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Hello New Parents!

We would like to welcome your Scout(s) to Pack 301! We are thrilled that you have joined us. 

OK – take a deep breath!  It’s a lot at the beginning, but here is EVERYTHING you need (and more) that you may find helpful in getting a “Jump Start” on things:

Click Here for the Pack 301 Parent Handbook



You will receive an email from your new Den Leader (if you haven’t already), letting you know what Den you’ve been assigned to.  You will be added to our online system that we use called CubTrails.  If you see any email invitations for Scoutbook, that’s what that is all about.  Follow the instructions in that email. Scoutbook is how we track Scout achievements. Your Den Leader can walk you through the system.


Purchasing the necessary things for your new Scouts uniform, and their Adventure Book, is really easy…you simply go down to the Rancho Army Navy store in Temecula, let them know what rank your son is (Lion, Tiger, Wolf, Bear, etc) and they will help you get whatever you need.  Remember that your “unit” is Pack 301 and they will need to know your den # as well.  There is an option there to have them sew on your patches for you as well…

This will be for your main scout uniform (Class A).  You’ll also hear about Class B T-Shirts for outdoor activities – these are bright orange t-shirts that are for sale at our monthly Pack Meetings (as well as other colors that are available at special events).  

Rancho Army Navy Store

27999 Jefferson Avenue

Temecula, CA 92590

(951) 676-0057


Pack 301

Did you just join Pack 301? Be sure to check out our Parent Jumpstart page to help get you going!