Space Derby 2019

September 21, 2019 @ 4:00pm

This is ground control to Pack 301, please take your protein pill and put your helmets on…

3, 2, 1 – Launch

Space Derby is coming very quickly and our team here in Temecula control wanted to explain the rules for this awesome new adventure.
During our next Pack meeting all Scouts will be given a Space Derby Kit. The rules are simple.

• Only basic materials supplied in the kit may be used. (No side parts)
• The rocket body may be no longer than 7 inches, not including the propeller and fins.
• There are no restrictions on the weight or design of the rocket.
• No impound

Glue, Sand, Paint and stickers. Your Scout’s imagination has no limits. Any Space Derby Ship with extra parts will be judged for Static Awards but will not be able to compete in the race…

A short demonstration will be given at the next Pack Meeting
We will run this event in the same way we do Rain gutter regatta. This will be a bracket event with double elimination and several static wards.

Fastest looking
Best uses of Scout Theme
Most patriotic
Best use of Star Wars Theme
Most Original
Cub Masters Pick

All Scouts will need the assistance of a parent, older sibling or other guardian. The scout will need to wind their own Spaceship. They will be given a specific amount of time to do this. They can wind as little or as much as they want during this time limit. They will need to know the following.

Too Little – Spaceship will not complete the course
Too Much and the rubber bands can break.


Temecula Middle School

42075 Meadows Pkwy
Temecula, CA 92592

 Google Maps

Event Starts: September 21, 2019 @ 4:00pm

Event Type (attendees):
  • For Leaders
  • For Everyone

Dress Code: Class A

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